Top 5 Reasons To Visit New Zealand

New Zealand
Visit New Zealand

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must keep Visiting New Zealand

Wanderers from the world will know the significance of exploring European Countries, Australia or say the chilled areas of Antarctica. However, towards the south-east side of Australia, there is a place beyond beauty known as New Zealand. New Zealand is a sovereign island in the pacific ocean that has stunning destinations to lend you delighted. Divided mainly into two main landscape islands, New Zealand has around 600 islands in total. Wellington city is the capital courtesy of New Zealand country situated in Auckland state. This tour will make you know the top five reasons why you must keep visiting New Zealand. Come, explore all along!

1. It is isolated, and that's why maybe it is safe:

New Zealand is safer than most of the other countries. It is because the maximum of its cities allow you to litter outside even if you are a solo traveler. Females can enjoy themselves on their own in New Zealand because it is a very safe country. Irrespective of the fact that being a solo female traveler, New Zealand is safe to travel. 

Leaving behind some darker areas you can walk in the countryside. Even, New Zealand falls in the category of the only two countries in the world that have no snakes, accompanying Ireland with it. Well, the land of New Zealand has no permission grant given to poisonous plants, wild critters, or nasty animals. I think that the first most reason is so compelling about why to keep visiting New Zealand. Safety is the chief concern, and New Zealand proves it the best.
New Zealand
Enjoy New Zealand

2. No culture can beat the one that New Zealand has:

While New Zealand maintains a safe environment for the tourists that visit its landscapes, it has also retained and renowned its cultural significance. People believe that captain cook found New Zealand with the help of Maori tribesmen that dates back to the year 1769. 

Well, there are a plethora of cafes, restaurants, and modern amenities, especially in the Auckland state. But, New Zealand has to date preserved its Maori culture. Every year on the 6th of February, they celebrate Waitangi Day as their national day concerning the treaty that the British reigners and the Maori natives signed on the 6th of February 1860 in Waitangi place located in Bay of Islands. 

The celebration constitutes the naval salute by raising three flags viz, national flag, white ensign, and the union jack, cultural performances by the expert artists, and speeches by politicians. Try visiting New Zealand during these days!

3. Diverse wildlife and astounding adventure opportunities:

New Zealand shelters some of the rarest bird creatures, unique species, unusual plants, and creatures, that you will find nowhere in the rest of the world. It is because New Zealand got isolated from land that connected Australia and Antarctica almost 85 million years ago. The forests of the country have some extensive plant varietals like nikau palms and kauri trees. Seeing some rare dolphins and the famous kiwi bird will make your trip remarkable. 

You can explore the wildlife of New Zealand by visiting 

  • Wellington
  • Rotorua, 
  • Auckland, 
  • Marlborough, 
  • and Hauraki Gulf. 
The country has diverse wildlife as well as wild adventure activities; such as,
  • Bungee jumping, 
  • Caving, 
  • Canyoning, 
  • Abseiling, 
  • Heli-skiing, 

  • Kayaking, 
  • Jet boating, 
  • Skydiving, 
  • Water rafting
Enjoy rafting on your vacation to New Zealand

According to New Zealand,
New Zealand’s most famous day walk, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing takes in incredible scenery over a nine-hour trek. The Crossing is a 19.4km one-day hike, past Mt Ngauruhoe and over Mt Tongariro, with panoramic views of active volcanic areas and colourful crater lakes in the UNESCO Dual Heritage area.
Tongariro Alpine Crossing
Tongariro Alpine Crossing in Newzealand

Whatever name you say, New Zealand has it all for the adventurous people. So all the Bikers, campers, and hikers fill up the gas in your motorcycles and explore New Zealand easily.

The country has diverse wildlife

4. Easy to get there and easy to know its people:

Getting to New Zealand is easy. On average, 12-14 hours of a flight tour from the nearby countries will make you reach New Zealand easily. The country is a bit expensive, but you can manage your financial planning well. Similarly, it is easy to get friendly to the people of the country. There are distinct citizen crowds in the country, Maori being the one. Kiwis being another. 

The 'Kiwis' are the natives who are famous for their frank nature. They give a warm welcome to travelers, and they give tourists an oomph. People of New Zealand are having an approaching nature towards each individual that lands on their country. The blend of British leftovers and European impacts makes the citizens suchlike. 

If you want to get overwhelmed at your welcome and delighted by communicating with a reliable mass of people, you need a visit to Newzealand - that's it!
Visit New Zealand - that's it!

5. Its climate and wines are both romantic by nature:

I need flowery language to describe the flawless beauty of New Zealand's country. The northern islands have decorated itself with its excellent geothermal reserves, captivating coastlines,  and courageous caves. The country is the wealthiest on its southern islands with magnificent mountains, fabulous forests, and gorgeous glaciers. You will find multiple mountains covered with snow, beautiful beaches, marvelous monuments, modern skyscrapers, vicious volcanoes, and wondrous warm springs, all at a single site - New Zealand. 

The climate of the country is very romantic. To add romance to its climate, the creator has placed the best vineyards in the country. New Zealand has the best wines in the world. Hawkes Bay and Central Otago are the perfect choice of vineyards to visit. Marlborough leads in wine production. You can surely taste wines in these wineries or some posh restaurants and enjoy the unquestionable scenery of the country.
scenery of the country.
Enjoy the unquestionable scenery of the country.

The final word - A country like New Zealand is preciously rare to find. We are glad that it, however, is easy to explore! I guarantee you a trip to New Zealand will be remarkable for life!

Author: Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends for quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine.

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