Perfect Makeup For The Holiday Season


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Perfect Makeup For The Holiday Season

Perfect Makeup For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner! Are you a fan of glamorous looks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year? Well, if so, you will enjoy this article! We will help you do your makeup fast & efficient while looking as glam as never before! The best part? You won't spend way too much time while glamming up, and you will be able to recreate these looks for any other upcoming events.

Top 9 Steps To Perfect Holiday Makeup

1. Lightweight Foundation

A smaller amount of foundation, as well as a lightweight foundation,  is the perfect choice for the winter season. You should apply something comfortable that will give you moisture yet somewhat level of coverage during the entire day or night. You can apply this product with your fingers, a brush, or a blender - based on your preference.

2. Heavy Concealer

Since your foundation is super lightweight, you should use a heavy and a hefty amount of concealer. Apply your favorite medium-full coverage concealer to your under-eye area, or any area that demands a lot of coverage. Blend it in by making tapping motions. Don't forget to use one shade lighter than the color of your foundation.
coverage concealer
Apply a medium-full coverage concealer to your under-eye.

3. ''Bake''

You can bake the cake for the holidays, but what we highly recommend is that you bake your entire face! Use your favorite loose powder and press it against your skin. Make sure you leave it on top for 5-10 minutes. This way, your foundation will simply melt into the skin, hence the name ''baking''.

4. Silver Shadow

The perfect eyeshadow color for the winter season and the holidays is silver. You should use any silver, chrome, or metallic shadow that you have. Simply swipe it across your eyelids with your finger, and enjoy the shine! You can also apply just a smidge of brown to your crease to give it some dimension.

5. Voluminous Lashes

Every woman loves lashes, especially when they are natural, long, and hassle-free. Well, if you naturally don't have long lashes, and you are sick and tired of glue-on lashes, why not test out lash extensions? Lash extensions are applied on top of your natural ones, and once glued down by a professional, they can stay on for 2 + weeks! If you need some serious low-maintenance yet beautiful outcome for the holidays, this is it!
eye lashes
Women love lashes.

6. Soft Brows

You won't need to focus a lot of time nor attention on your eyebrows. All you need to do is coat them with some tinted brow gel. Set your brows in place so that they don't move throughout the entire night. Also, use a shade that is one tone lighter than your natural brow color. This will add more softness to your face.

7. Highlighter To The Max

The holidays are all about glowing inside out, so make sure this is exactly what you end up doing! Apply your favorite powder or liquid highlighter to your cheeks, your forehead, as well as your nose. This makeup item is a must-have, no matter your skin type or your age! Let the shine come through, and enjoy your glowing look every day of the week!

8. Classic Red Lip

Do you know that red lipstick is the most sold and often go-to during the months of November and December? So, make sure you embrace it! Apply your favorite red lipstick, lip gloss, or liquid lipstick. You should also use a red lip pencil since it will act as a guide, and will allow you to shade your corners properly.
lip stick
Shade your corners properly.

9. Setting Spray

Lastly, it is vital to set all of your masterpiece in place. Use your favorite setting spray, and spritz 2-3 times over your face! You can use a mattifying setting spray or a dewy/glowy version. Matte sprays are a go-to by women who have oily skin, while women with dry skin love to use dewy sprays. This makeup item will hold your makeup in place for the entire night, no matter if you are dancing, eating, or drinking!

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