How to Avoid Extra Charges When Moving by Packing and Wrapping Your Stuff?

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How to Avoid Extra Fees When Moving 

Avoid Extra Fees When Moving  by Packing

When moving and relocating to a new place, most homeowners hire professional services to handle the packing and moving tasks. Although it is possible to pack the stuff themselves, people hire professionals because they don’t have time.

Many people pack themselves to save money as the professionals charge extra for packing their stuff in addition to moving the same. Moreover, there are some fragile items in every home that needs proper cushioning and protection while packing. Professionals charge you extra money to pack such delicate items.
Therefore, packing the items yourself is the best way to save money and extra charges while moving to a new location. It is best to start packing in advance to avoid the stress of waiting until the last day or week. Let us check how to pack and wrap your stuff to avoid the extra charge and stress.

Plan to pack yourself.

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Plan for packing your stuff yourself.
The first step in saving money during a move is to plan for packing your stuff yourself. When you plan to pack yourself, you need to research various removalists available in your location. Some removalists offer you to pack yourself, but some have packing services as a part of their package. You should hire a company that allows you to pack yourself.

Start Early

You need to do many tasks in the process of moving. Out of these tasks, packing is the one that takes most of the time. Therefore, if you plan to pack yourself, it is essential to start as early as possible. Many people think they cannot start early because they need to use the stuff while living in their present location. 

However, you can start packing the less used items at least a month before the day of the move. It is good to pack some items daily and on weekends than packing everything in the last week.

Sell the items you don’t need

The removalist companies charge you according to the total weight of the stuff that you need to transfer. There are some old items in every home that homeowners rarely use and don’t need them in their new homes. 
It is best to sell these items or donate them to charity instead of moving them. This will reduce the number of items you need to pack and remove clutter from your house.


Take the help of friends to help pack the furniture. 
Furniture in a house comprises the bulkiest items that require extreme care to pack. You should take the help of friends and neighbors to help pack the furniture. 
It is best to pack the furniture in wooden crates or get it done by a local helper having some experience. Some people also prefer wrapping it in protective paper and carry it without packing in the boxes. 
You should aim to transfer the furniture without getting any scratch or damage. If you have glass tables or items in furniture, make sure to pack it in wooden crates with adequate cushioning.

Electronic Items

Electronics like TV, stereo, computers, laptop, speakers, and other such things should be packed in boxes. You should buy the cardboard boxes for packing from a store and use the boxes of the suitable size to pack the electronic items. 
Use proper cushioning to protect the electronics as these items are delicate and expensive. You should take extreme care to pack the items containing a glass screen like a TV and computer and use an entire foam sheet to protect the screen.

Kitchen Equipment

Packing the stuff of a kitchen can be challenging as it contains plenty of small items. As there are different sizes of items in a kitchen, you need different sizes of boxes to pack them.
Moreover, there are sharp items and items of irregular shapes that are difficult to pack. The best way is to pack the items in their original boxes if you have them. Otherwise, you should use paper cushions in the cardboard boxes to pack the kitchen items.

Pack Category Wise

Packing anything in any box can mess up the things. To keep the things organized, you need to pack category wise. 
🗹 For example, you can start with the stuff that is not used daily or rarely used. 
🗹 Then you need to pack the items in the living room like less used furniture. 
🗹 You can pack the stuff in one room or one category at a time. For example, kitchen items, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, carpets, clothes, footwear all are different categories.

Label the boxes

Label the boxes with the names and categories of items in them. 
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As there is a lot of stuff in every home and you need to pack them in boxes. In case you need an item after packing, it won't be so difficult to find it. Moreover, after arriving at your new home, you need to open those boxes first that contain the items of daily use. 
Therefore, it is essential to mark and label the boxes with the names and categories of items in them. 
For example, if you have packed curtains of bedrooms in a box, you should write bedroom curtains on it.

Packing Calculator

This calculator will give you a list of suggested moving supplies.

  • Boxes
  • accessories
  • and packaging

Harmful items

Some harmful items can damage other items like garden tools, chemicals, paint, and other sharp items. 
Such items can damage other things that come in contact with them. Therefore, it is best to pack these items in wooden crates with extreme care, so that they don’t penetrate or damage the box itself or any other item in their vicinity.

Hire the right removalist

As you pack all your stuff to save money, you need to hire a removalist company to move your stuff. Many companies offer moving services, and you need to choose a reputable company that offers quality services at affordable prices.
Final Words
These are some tips to avoid extra charges by packing your stuff yourself. Following this guide to packing their stuff, homeowners can save hundreds of dollars that removalists charge for packing. 
However, it is essential to take extreme care while packing delicate and harmful items. Moreover, you should also follow the state laws for transportation of stuff and avoid the items that are not permissible.

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