How To List Your Airbnb For More Money

List Your Airbnb
How To List Your Airbnb For More Money

List Your Airbnb For More Money

Have an Airbnb rental that isn’t as popular as you would like, or only getting one or two renters once in a while?
If you want to make more money from Airbnb, presentation is everything. By photographing and properly listing your Airbnb, you can make more money and get even more renters.

You can get more bookings by Listing Airbnb correctly. Ready to start earning more from your Airbnb?

Follow these tips to start earning more from your Airbnb.

Stage your AIRBNB
How to Stage your AIRBNB

How To Stage Your Airbnb

Staging your Airbnb before you photograph is a great way to manage expectations, and show renters how they can use the space to accomplish their goals. Staging is pretty simple, and adding little small luxuries for your clients is the best way to get even more money for your home rental.
Make sure you stage your bedroom and bathroom as well as any other rooms that you are offering!


The Interior design of Bedrooms should be staged for comfort and relaxation. You can easily add touches to your space by mixing in textures and vibrant colors. A faux white fur rug and white sheer curtains are a perfect and easy touch for any bedroom. It adds a feeling of comfort and relaxation to possible renters.  Feel free to add headboards, soft white lights, and poofy pillows. When you stage, always make sure the bed is made, and all-white bedspreads are perfect for showing clients how clean and comforting your space is.


Staging your bathroom is pretty simple, and an air of relaxation should be the theme. Make sure your bathroom is sparkling clean, and add little spa-like touches. 
  • This is done through small plants, crisp white luxury bath towels, and bathrobes. 
  • Daylight bulbs can dramatically improve your space. 
  • Clean, crisp light transforms a bathroom. 
  • Clean mirrors can make your space look even bigger and even more relaxing. 
  • Consider adding a scented candle to any of the rooms you decide to stage.

If you can, sell luxury in your Airbnb by adding little touches such as crisp white towels, or a mint on a bed. Once your Airbnb is properly staged, you can take new photos of your clean space!
Photograph your AirBNB
How to photograph your AirBNB

How To Photograph Your Airbnb

Before you take any photos, make sure your rental is clean! Make sure that every inch you show to your renters is immaculately clean.  
According to Airbnb,
"Add a variety of photos: To help guests understand what it’s like to stay in your space, take photos of the inside, outside, and neighborhood of your listing."
Airbnb neighborhood
Take photos of the outside of your listing.

When photographing there are some simple tips to capturing great photos:
  • Take photos at eye level or higher with a drone or step stool or a may give you the leverage you need. Higher angles also make a room look bigger. Wide angles make it easy to capture a whole room and so make sure to take multiple photos.
  • Make sure you have all the lights turned on, and the shades open to light up space. Brighter rooms are more welcoming and photograph better, so try to take your photos when there is a lot of sunlight.
  • For poorly lit rooms, flash can be a lifesaver! You can also brighten your photos after you have taken them, but they may look more grainy.
  • Photograph any unique features of your listing to attract more renters.
  • Show additional amenities in your lists, such as a coffee bar, or any extra perks you offer in your Airbnb.
  • Once you have photos of everything you need, and they are properly lit and ready to post, it is time to upgrade your listing.

How To list your AirBNB
How To list your AirBNB for more money

How To List Your Airbnb For More Money

Writing your Airbnb listing is scary for some hosts. It can be tricky to describe your rental in a way that makes others want to stay there. With a bit of copywriting and a few SEO tricks, you can hack your listing that helps more renters find your Airbnb!
The first is an SEO trick, use common searches in your area that others are looking for. Think of events, attractions, airports, and more that people would want to visit your area for, and make sure to mention your distance from downtown.
Make sure you spend the time to write your listing in a way that makes people want to stay in your Airbnb. Professional Real Estate Photographers suggest this when listing any type of rental. You want to communicate the features of your listing in a way that helps the renter envision their day mentally. Using more descriptive language while also offering key features of your listing is a great way to see more renters hit book!
If You offer additional amenities make sure you photograph and highlight them in your listing. Simple touches such as a coffee bar, or kitchen area can make a rental irresistible. 

Outdoor eating areas or even bedrooms with patios help the customer dream up images of their morning in your rental. Always include a photo of yourself, to help renters feel like they know you!
Now you have the perfect Airbnb listing to make more money!
Be a Superhost

Be A Superhost

Having the super host badge is bound to help increase your Airbnb bookings! Not only does it show that you go the extra mile for your renters, but it boosts your credibility. To be a Superhost you need to make sure you get 5-star (★★★★★) ratings from as many guests as possible and do whatever you can to make sure your renters have a comfortable stay with you.
Make sure that your renters know exactly what to expect when they stay with you, so make sure while your photos are flattering, that they represent what they are actually paying for. 

You can also go the extra mile and write our places that deliver, the best places to eat, get a drink and local attractions.
Sending detailed messages of basic housekeeping and more will help your guests feel more at ease while staying at your Airbnb.
Of course, your Airbnb should be spotless and offer a fair value for what your guests pay for. To be a Superhost you should be as responsive as possible! So make sure you have your settings to notify you if someone has a question about your listing!
Being a Superhost means offering a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests, which means more are likely to book with you if they see you know how to take care of them!


  • Stage your Airbnb: Stage your rooms to be more inviting for your renters, and get higher quality photos.
  • Photograph Your Airbnb: Take your listing photos in good lighting, and higher angles to attract more renters to your Airbnb!
  • List Your Airbnb: use locations, attractions, and descriptive copy to make your Airbnb irresistible for renters!
  • Be A Superhost: Go the extra mile for your guest and see more listings! Be helpful, quick to respond, and set clear expectations of your Airbnb to make for a better experience.

Author: Catherine Way graduated from Michigan State University with her Bachelor of Advertising, with a specialization in Graphic Design. She is a content marketer for business, mortgage, and real estate industries. She currently writes and reports for  Prime Plus Mortgages - Hard Money Lenders

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