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Fashion can come in a variety of forms, such as casual, luxury, vintage, formal, trendy, etc, for a variety of types of people to express their style. Seeing fabulous clothing lines on beautiful models can help give a person a sense of what type of clothing they like to wear, as well as help them decide if they would like a career modeling stunning fashion designs.

ANG Model Management is a modeling agency targeting unique individuals with the capability and passion for greatness. A model can promote or advertise a variety of products. For instance, they can model clothing in fashion shows or pose for photography

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Interview with Ayana Gordon

Let's Get To Know Ayana Gordon:

Let's have a talk about fashion and the modeling industry with the CEO of ANG Model Management. Here's the detail from an interview with Ayana Gordon.

Ayana Gordon,  CEO of Ang Model Management

CEO: Ayana Gordon

Ayana, Ang Model Management is a Bay Area model agency founded in 2018. What inspired you to create ANG Model Management? 

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur within the fashion industry but I never knew what exactly I wanted to do. While I was in my 2nd year at FIDM as a product development student, I had an outside friend who desired to get into modeling, but she felt she didn't know where or how to start. At that moment, it came over me to begin model management. It came so naturally to me, and I loved being able to help someone step out and achieve their goals as a model. This opportunity allowed me to explore the fashion industry on a whole new spectrum, and I have LOVED IT ever since. 

Fashion Model
Fashion Model

To advance your career in the fashion industry, you selected to attend the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). 

Ayana, did you know you would aspire to manage a modeling company while attending the institute, or did you have a general interest in fashion that influenced you to become the CEO of Ang Model Management? Tell us a little about that.

When I began FIDM in 2016, I attended under the major of Product Development. I chose product development because I knew I wanted to be in fashion and one day create a clothing brand, but I also was very interested in the business side. 

As I continued with my major, I knew and felt that product development was not my ultimate goal or dream, as I wanted to become an entrepreneur. 

I believe at the end of my first year going into my second year of FIDM as a P.D. student, I had a friend who wanted to get into modeling and I decided I wanted to help her the best way I could as her manager. 

A couple of friends from school also supported me and helped out with my first photoshoot to begin my friend's modeling portfolio. From there, ANG Model Management was created, and I officially launched on January 27th, 2018. However, I did still graduate with my Product development degree in 2018 and continued on to receive my bachelor's degree in Business Management, and I graduated this past March.

Fashion Model From ANG Model Management 

Fashion styles seem to change over time. Is there a specific style that intrigues you and why? Also, what do you consider the most important aspect of the fashion industry?

I love all fashion in general, but if I had to specifically pick a style, I would choose modern contemporary.

Contemporary intrigues me because I love how you can play around with it to make it either classy and sophisticated or urban chic.

I like and save pictures all day on Instagram that give me an inspiring look I can recreate.

The most important aspect of the fashion industry is diversity. I believe diversity is the biggest thing right now within the fashion industry because the industry has to begin to represent every shade and size within fashion.

That's the only way to have brand awareness and relate with all customers and consumers. When you only see one shade and size within the industry, it closes the gap of being unique, inclusive, and relatable. 

Video Of Model: Alexia Balistreri

Let's talk about Models and Diabetes. What inspired you to host an educational interview segment on the topic of models and diabetes with the stylish model Alexia Balistreri, and the luxury fashion owner of Rich in love fashion, Doris Hobbs?

Fashion Model
Fashion Model

I loved working on this project. It was very dear to my heart and the women involved. The backstory on the segment was inspired by when I found out that my model Alexia had diabetes on a shoot we had for a client.

I already knew Doris had diabetes, and she was an activist herself. One day Doris and I were on the phone discussing how to stay active and involved throughout this pandemic. I mentioned to her that I recently found out about my model's condition with diabetes, and I just knew it would be a great idea to bring them both in on a project.

The project ended up being a Models & Diabetes information yet inspiring segment for diabetes awareness. It was wonderful, and I look forward to continuing to spread awareness for not just Diabetes but other conditions in the future.

If a potential client is interested in contacting you to find out more about Ang Model Management,  how do you recommend they contact you?

I am still growing and building my agency, and I love all the support and acknowledgment I can get. At the end of the day, I am working to build a full-service modeling agency to help and encourage all experienced and non-experienced models to reach their modeling goals.

My goals are to reach my models' goals and beyond. Potential clients and models interested in contacting me can always find me on my Instagram. Thank you!

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ANG Model

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