The Perfect Eco-Friendly Nursery

Eco-Friendly Nursery
 Eco-Friendly Baby Room Decor

Eco-Friendly Baby Nursery Decor

Having a baby is a wonderful and exciting new adventure! Creating the perfect space for them to grow in is a big part of that. As a parent, you want the best for your child and their future. Ensuring that you nurture their development in environments that are healthy and safe is of utmost importance. This is best for their immediate health, and the health of the planet on which we live. Striving to keep the Earth healthy with the choices you make goes a long way in protecting and cultivating your baby’s future. There are many ways to foster the perfect environment for your little one while being kind to the Earth, and in this blog, we will show you how.

You will make many choices throughout your baby’s life. Among the first you will make are those as you set up their nursery. Creating the perfect eco-friendly nursery will require you to make informed choices about everything, from the furniture you choose down to the paint on the walls.

Choosing Paint and Wallpaper for your Eco-Friendly Nursery

One of the first things parents do in the nursery to prepare for their new arrival is paint the walls. If you want to create the perfect eco-friendly nursery, it is important that you pay attention to what is in the paint you choose. 

Selecting a VOC-free paint is the best way to go. VOC stands for “volatile organic compound.” VOCs have high vapor pressure and low water solubility. 

They can cause symptoms such as; 

  • headaches, 
  • nausea, 
  • liver and kidney damage,
  • and are suspected carcinogens. 

When shopping for paint, find Zero-VOC, or natural paint. It is important to note that even Zero-VOC paint contains low levels of VOC, for this reason, parents may choose to go with wallpaper instead. Wallpaper makes less of a mess than paint, and you can achieve your desired look much faster. Check to ensure that your wallpaper is vinyl-free.

Natural Sustainable Furniture for your Eco-Friendly Nursery

When you are purchasing furniture for your nursery, there are many things to consider. Of course, you want to find beautiful pieces that fit your nursery visions, but you also want to ensure that the furniture is safe and eco-friendly. It is best to stay away from furniture that is painted with paints that contain VOCs for the reasons mentioned above. 

In addition to VOCs, another toxin to be mindful of is formaldehyde which is often used as an adhesive. PBDEs are problematic as well and should be avoided. PBDEs are “polybrominated diphenyl ethers”, which are used as flame retardants. The CDC has cautioned that the highest level of PBDEs has been found in infants and toddlers. While this all might sound incredibly daunting, there are ways to ensure that your nursery furniture is safe for your newborn.

baby furniture made of solid natural wood
Use baby furniture made of solid natural wood

Here are some tips:

  • Select furniture made from solid natural wood
  • Find furniture that is Greenguard Gold certified
  • Buy from local manufacturers

Use Organic Fabrics and Materials in your Eco-Friendly Nursery

Your baby will spend a lot of their time sleeping in their crib on their bedding and mattress, so it is important that you provide them with the best materials and fabrics. Choosing an organic mattress is a great way of cultivating an eco-friendly nursery for your baby. Organic mattresses can be expensive, so this often leads to parents choosing more inexpensive options that are often non-organic. 

Exposure to non-organic materials can cause your baby’s skin to become dry, or irritated. They are often made with polyurethane, which is comprised of many of the toxins mentioned previously (VOCs, and flame retardants).  

An organic mattress will not only protect your baby from inhaling toxic chemicals but has been shown to increase blood flow and relieve pressure. Organic mattresses are made with high-density foam that keeps the mattress from emitting allergens as well.  Similar to the reasons you should buy an organic mattress, choosing organic bedding has many of the same benefits.

Air Purifiers Help Improve Air Quality in an Eco-Friendly Nursery

Even in a meticulously cleaned home with organic everything, there are many allergens and contaminants that are floating around in the air of your home. There are ways to keep your house dust-free, and one of these is to use an air purifier. Adding an air purifier is a great way of reducing anything unwanted in the air. 

Purchase an air purifier that includes a HEPA filter to ensure that the air is being cleaned efficiently. HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate absorbing.” Air purifiers work great if you have pets as well; they remove pet dander and allergens. It is best to avoid air purifiers that produce ozone, as they have been shown to be unsafe for children.

Organic and Natural Cleaners Improve the Safety of your Eco-Friendly Nursery

Many parents make the mistake of cleaning with products that contain harmful chemicals in their nursery. While these cleaning products might not cause harm to adults, this is because they are not regularly ingesting the cleaning solution. However, babies often put their mouths on everything they can get their hands on! Because of this, they end up swallowing the solutions and becoming very ill. 

The American Association of Poison Control Centers indicates that 43% of all cases of poison exposure in 2019 were of children below the age of 5 Organic and natural cleaners are the best way to disinfect and clean anything your baby might touch, sleep on, or put in their mouth. 

Here are some benefits of using organic and natural cleaners in your baby’s nursery:

  • More cost-effective
  • Better for the environment
  • Better for individuals with sensitivities and babies with sensitive skin
  • Better indoor air quality for your home
  • You know exactly what is in the products

Fostering a safe and healthy environment for your little one is your number one priority as a parent. To do so, you must start with their nursery. An eco-friendly nursery is comprised of zero-VOC paint, sustainable solid natural wood furniture, and organic fabrics and materials. 

Adding an air purifier and cleaning with natural cleaners further ensures that your baby is not exposed to harmful allergens and contaminants. Being thoughtful and intentional with the choices you make in your home not only establishes a healthy environment for your baby to thrive, but also helps to protect the Earth.

Author: Elizabeth Shields is an experienced author of online articles for various blog posts. She is passionate about parenting, home improvement, wellness, and sustainability topics. She is a married mother of two living in Indianapolis and apart from writing, enjoys spending her time with her family and friends.

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