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Nursery Room ideas
Beautiful Nursery Room Ideas

Interior Design Trends That Will Make Your Nursery Room Stand Out

When you have a baby, you’ll soon find out just how much time gets spent in their nursery. A lot of that time is during sleepless nights and after long, hard days of teething.

A baby’s nursery should be a place that feels calm, serene, and comforting. But not just for baby, but for mom and dad too! Creating a space that’s a pleasure to spend time in is an excellent idea, for everyone.

Every few years, nursery trends rise and fall, but some stand out as better than the rest.

If you’re expecting a baby, chances are you’re looking for some design pointers for how to decorate and add homeliness to your future child’s bedroom. And you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up eight interior design trends for 2022 that will make your baby’s nursery comfortable and stylish.

Fortunately, the trends expected to gain traction over the next few years center around sustainability, neutrality, and nature—themes that will certainly withstand the test of time.

Your baby might not stay a newborn forever, but these cool, earthy décor ideas will stay fresh and inspired well after they’ve made it through the toddler years.

Earthy Wooden Furniture

There’s something wonderfully grounding about the addition of wooden furniture to any bedroom. With its earthy brown tones, solid feeling, and wide versatility, you should really consider using wood as the main furniture material for your baby’s nursery.

Wooden furniture is not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but it is also a sustainable alternative to plastic or metal materials, which can often look unpleasantly hard and synthetic. 

You can bring the forest into your baby’s nursery by choosing a wooden crib, rocking chair, or bookshelf.

Nursery Design
Nursery  Room Design 

Retro Patterns

That’s right, retro patterns are making a comeback, and you should incorporate them into your baby’s nursery room. What’s great about retro patterns is that they are easily adapted into modern styles, breathing new life into them and creating a timeless look.

Some popular retro patterns include large polka dots, broad-stroke lines, and a variety of different primary shapes, such as triangles and squares. These simple but impactful shapes are flowy and round, creating a fun, retro feel that eyes of all ages will love to observe.

Non-Gendered Décor  

A big theme for nursery interior décor in 2022 will be that of gender neutrality. As attitudes towards traditional gender stereotypes become softer, people are looking to take a less stubborn approach towards dressing young children and the rooms that they live in.

This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice any of your favorite colors or styles, it simply means not relying on traditional gender norms to dictate how you style your baby’s room. There is a huge range of colors and themes out there. Embrace a world beyond pink for girls and blue for boys.

Nursery decor
Beautiful Nursery decor

Stars And Sky Themes

A recent nursery decoration trends report listed stars and sky themes are some of the most popular themes for nurseries in 2021, which are predicted to carry through into 2022.

Crescent moons, stars, planets, clouds, and suns make great visual icons for babies and will encourage curiosity about the outside world.

 The stars and sky theme ties in well with the general resurgence of natural landscapes for home and bedroom décor, making this one a particularly good choice for families with a passion for nature.

Neutral Colors

Playing on the theme of non-gendered interior décor, the world is returning its gaze to colors that promote a sense of neutrality and peacefulness. 

Colors like fresh sage, linen white, desert ochre, forest green, and beige are all naturally calming that give a room space to breathe.

Adding neutral colors such as these to your child’s nursery can bring forth a sense of spaciousness that keeps both you and them feeling calm throughout the day and night. 

Neutral colors can help promote sleep and alleviate anxiety when stress arises.

Nature-Inspired Décor

It’s clear to see that nature is a big theme. The world is shifting towards a more environmentally-conscious mindset about the planet, and we are seeing that shift reflected in our design and décor choices.

Adding décor that’s either inspired by or directly from nature can literally bring a piece of the earth into your home. Driftwood mobiles, tree trunk tables, and pot plants can provide any room with a relaxing, cooling effect that keeps the mind at ease no matter how stressful things get.

This trend is wonderfully adaptable too. As your baby grows older and moves from a cot to a twin bed you can tweak your décor without having to redecorate completely.

Warm Tones

In addition to the surge of interest in neutral tones, mothers and fathers-to-be are also looking towards warmer tones for the decoration of their baby’s future nursery. As opposed to the cool spaciousness of neutral colors, warm tones instill a sense of coziness and shelter.

Plum, cadmium yellow, azure blue, and sunset orange are all extremely warming, comforting colors that can remind your baby of its time in the womb.

These colors are also extremely popular online, often used in Instagram filters to portray that certain tropical glow of golden hour. You might love these colors so much that you decide to put them in your bedroom too!

Baby Furniture
Vintage nursery furniture

Vintage Furniture And Styling  

While you might feel tempted to get all-new furniture and décor for your baby’s nursery, there is a growing trend of appreciation for vintage goods that could change your mind. Not only is vintage shopping sustainable, but it also opens up the opportunity to find truly unique and beautiful items.

Next time you feel the urge to spend hundreds on a brand new rocker or compactum, consider taking a trip to your local vintage or thrift store instead for much cheaper options that are in just as good of a condition (if not better) than what a big-chain store can offer.

Create A Room To Make Memories In

Try adding a Personalized baby pillow and Blanket. At the end of the day, what matters is that your baby’s nursery is safe, warm, and comfortable. 

How you choose to decorate doesn’t matter nearly so much as the relationship and memories you will create there. But a little bit of interior décor never hurt anyone. So have fun with it!

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