Marriage Proposal Ideas to Plan the Best 'She Said YES' Moment

Beautiful Engagement rings
How can I propose to my significant other?

 Engagement Proposal Ideas

First of all, we're so happy that you found the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with, and congratulations on reaching the how-do-I-pop-the-question stage of your relationship – we are so elated! Now, whether you have talked to her about getting married at some point in your relationship or you plan to take her completely by surprise, we like to believe that she is going to love all the effort you took to orchestrate the most thoughtful marriage proposal for her.

Now that we have relieved your nervousness a bit, let's get to the details of how to plan a proposal that sweeps your loved one off her feet.

Plan An Enjoyable Day

Consider the minor details that you'd need to plan to make it the perfect proposal day, like the date, time (for example, sunset), budget, décor of the venue, activities for the entire day, and food.

Make sure that her schedule for the day is clear. Give her or her closest friend a hint so she knows what she should wear (she will regret it later otherwise, and you don't want that). 

Plan how you will pick her up to reach the proposal location. You can plan to watch a movie or enjoy a picnic earlier during the day, followed by the proposal moment. 

Whatever you do, try to make it special and unique to your relationship.

Cocktail ring
Make the engagement ring unique to your relationship

Get the Best Proposal Ring for Her

Here comes the most crucial marriage proposal tip: Make sure that the marriage proposal ring is all set way in advance as it is the most significant part of the proposal. If you don't know her taste in engagement rings, then take a cue from her Pinterest board or ask her sibling or friend for help. 

There are many engagement ring options available, like a:

  • diamond-studded ring in the shape of a heart, 
  • diamond cocktail rings
  • an emerald stone ring with gold 
  • and diamond detailing, etc.

You would also need to know her ring size so that the engagement ring fits her finger perfectly. 

A quick tip: Borrow a ring she owns to get her exact ring size. Make sure you pick a proposal ring for her that she will cherish for a lifetime.

Diamond Engagement ring
Gorgeous Diamond Engagement ring

Inform the Families

You'll probably want to keep the actual proposal between you and your partner. But planning to propose to her also means you would soon be related to her parents. So, show respect to them by first letting them know your intentions and asking for their permission or blessings. 

Also, inform your family, so they are on the same page as you and are not somewhat surprised later. Moreover, you can have your families and friends nearby to celebrate with you after she says "yes."

Pick A Meaningful Location

One way of making your marriage proposal unforgettable is by selecting a location that holds a special place in both you and your partner's hearts. 

Think: Where did you first meet her? Where did you have your first date? Or where did you have your first kiss? 

Alternatively, you can also select a spot that your partner has always wanted to visit. 

Once you have finalized the location, start planning the setup of the venue; for example, you may wish to propose indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather.

Proposal outdoors with flowers
Proposal outdoors with flowers

Incorporate the Right Music

Music holds the power to set the mood right. Most couples have a special song that they relate to, like the song they first danced to or an old romantic song you both love. 

You can plan to have a live pianist or violinist at the venue if you have a big budget. Having the music ready will also give you the option to lead her to a slow celebratory dance later. (Sigh!)

Get Her Favorite Flowers

Do this if your girl likes flowers. Lilies, carnations, roses, daisies, and tulips are some of the best flowers to bring for a marriage proposal. 

You can also get creative by getting the same number of flowers as the number of days or months, or years you have known her. 

Flowers can also instantly make the setting romantic, so include them in the décor too.

Don't Forget to Hire a Photographer

Hire a photographer to capture the picture-perfect moment on your special day. You'd want to look at the photos later and also show them off to your friends a little, maybe? 

If you're low on budget, consider asking a friend to grab a few snaps while they hide somewhere close. Your partner would love to reminisce about the priceless expression on her face through the pictures taken.

Just Do It from Your Heart

Okay, we know that this list of marriage proposal tips might seem a little daunting, so the last thing that we'd want to tell you is to just propose from your heart and enjoy it. 

Tell her how she makes you feel and why you want to spend the rest of your life with her. 

Be real and just pop the question: "Will you marry me?"We're sure that she'd fall for the fantastic person you are! (BRB. *Crying*)

Lastly, remember that if planning a perfect proposal made you nervous, then suddenly getting proposed might take her by surprise too. So, know that it's not a big deal if she asks for some time or wants to talk to you in private before saying yes.

We hope that you got your answer to how to plan a proposal and wish you all the best in life. Go get her! 

Fill your life with joy and excitement in a blissfully happy long-lasting marriage.

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