Parenting & Working: Strategies for Finding Balance

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Striking a balance with advice for working parents

Work-Life Balance Tips with Kids

Finding the balance between work and life can be daunting as a mother. Juggling the demands of a career with the responsibilities of raising a family can often lead to feelings of overwhelm and burnout. However, with the right strategies, finding a happy medium that allows you to excel in both areas of your life is possible. This article will explore helpful tips and advice for achieving a healthy work/life balance as a mother.

If you are a working mother, you may frequently feel as if you have too much to do - in addition to working and commuting; you may feel as if you have so much to deal with in real life that you barely have time to spend with your children. 

If you consider returning to work after having a family, you may wonder how much time you will have with your new infant. 

There is so much to consider. 

Is working full-time or part-time, which is a better option? 

How can I locate the most suitable childcare for my child? 

Is working from home possible? 

You may have been a working mother for a while but are still struggling to achieve your desired work-life balance.

Here are 13 suggestions for achieving the work-life balance that you and your family require:

Juggling work and family can be demanding. Here are some work/life balance advice and strategies for busy parents.

1. Create a Planner

You definitely have a work calendar, so why not have one for your personal life as well? 

Set crucial events with a calendar tool, such as: 
  • parent-teacher conferences, 
  • doctor appointments, 
  • or your child's next soccer game. 
You can even schedule home meals or packed lunches, so you know what to cook each day. Mark the days when your homework is due and arrange when you will perform your cleaning and washing clothes

Put the planner on the fridge and involve the entire family, or share it with your partner to keep them on track as well. Planning your parenting chores ahead of time can relieve stress and make you feel more organized.

2. Get ready the night before

Lay out clothes for yourself and your children the night before, and prepare breakfast. Pack the kids' school backpacks (better yet, have them do it themselves!) and consider packing lunches, but keep them refrigerated overnight.

A lady ordering grocery online
Order groceries and pay bills online

3. Use the internet

Use the internet to your advantage by ordering groceries online, researching significant purchases by reading reviews, and paying bills online and by direct debit rather than mailing cheques or going to the bank.

4. Prioritize the Children

When you get home from a long day at work, you only want to kick back and binge-watch your favorite show. However, as a parent, you must prioritize your children. 

Avoid mindless Facebook scrolling, limit TV time, and keep that glass of wine for after the kids have gone to bed. Despite the fact that work has worn you out, prioritize spending time with the kids by having dinner together and being present for their bedtime routine.

5. Talk to your boss about working from home

In some places like the United Kingdom, employees have the right to request flexible working arrangements, and the employer is required to accommodate that request in a reasonable manner. 

It’ll be a good idea to be able to manage work and family.

6. Turn off Work Notifications

Allowing your job to take precedence over your personal life throws off your work-life balance. When you have children, keeping your business and personal lives separate is even more important. 

Turning off work alerts should go hand in hand with taking off your shoes as soon as you step in the door. Reduce stress at home and offer your entire focus to your family by avoiding weekend work calls and reviewing emails in the evening.

7. Create a family calendar

Create a family calendar so that everyone in the house is aware of what is going on. Working parents are not all dull! Even if you have a hard job, you can still be a fun parent. 

Arranging family days or nights is one method to manage work and life as a parent. Set up a specific day of the week for family movie nights, or keep Saturdays free for walks in the park or other outdoor activities. Family nights may also provide something for everyone to look forward to. 

Your children are one of the most important aspects of your life, and making time for them is essential for developing a solid family tie. Instead of chatting about work or checking your phone, spend time with your family.

A mother and father preparing a meal for the children
Cook with your partner to divide the workload

8. Engage Your Partner

Finding a decent work-life balance entails managing your relationship's duties as well. When your weekday schedules are tight, divide the housework with your partner and take turns caring for the kids. If you have a newborn and need to get up early for work, share the midnight feeding or trade shifts every other night. When the washbasin is full after supper, delegate the cleaning to your partner while you assist the kids with their homework.

9. Keep work at work

Separate your work time from your personal time, which is especially vital if you work from home.

10. Make Your Life Easier

Juggling work, kids, and housework may drive even the most rational person insane. Nobody wants to come home from work to a mound of unwashed dishes, an uncooked dinner, and a mountain of laundry. Hire a cleaning service, order takeaway, prepare simple meals, and do your shopping online. 

The fewer tasks on your to-do list, the more time you have with your children. Going home and focusing on your children rather than housework will considerably lessen any feelings of guilt that emerge while at work.

11. Take use of your lunch breaks

Lunch times can be used to relax, nap, or scroll on social media. However, as a working parent, you may need to adjust and set aside time to attend to your parental responsibilities. Run necessary errands, fill out your family calendar, finish school forms, or read over teachers' reports. 

Even better, contact your children if they are still young enough to be at home. This is an excellent time to video call and stay in touch with your children. Hearing their voices might brighten your day and help you relax at work.

12. Forget about perfection

Life is too short to be concerned with every bit of dust or whether you handcrafted every birthday card. Simply relaxing will allow you to be the parent you desire.

13. You Can Schedule Valuable "Me" Time Regularly.

A great tip for working parents is to make time for yourself. If you manage your time correctly with a refreshing break, that will help you recharge while taking care of personal needs; because your time is divided between your household work and your profession, you must manage your energy efficiently. 

You can't be a good spouse or parent if you're grumpy, so take care of yourself to feel comfortable and effective," one of the experts says. Before going to bed, read a book, take a bubble bath once a week, or treat yourself to a spa day. 

Manage time for exercise (such as a yoga session) or a hobby. 

Remember to eat healthily and get enough sleep —simple things that even the savviest mothers overlook.

Final Thoughts

Life is too short to think about the negative aspects or waste your precious energy over silly things rather, it’s time to indulge yourself with your kids, enjoy the little moments & never regret small things, try to give your 100 %, and expect less from others. 

The most important thing that busy mums usually overlook is their health. Your kids are important though you are as well. So, if you feel pain or ache somewhere, never ignore it. Your kids remain healthy or full of life only if you are physically or mentally healthy.

Author: Mark Berry is an enthusiastic freelance writer who enjoys putting his own twist on subjects such as career guidance, entertainment, translation, and wellness. Aside from his work as a copywriter, editor, and proofreader, he has assisted organizations in recruiting, screening CVs, and interviewing individuals. Mark Berry currently enjoys providing advice on career development, law enforcement, freelancing, and how to ace job interviews as a result of her experience. He created his own showbiz-themed website after earning a BA in Media and Communications. Berry spends his free time blogging, watching reality TV, and listening to the latest music.

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