Great Business Tools For Your Business To Make Money

Great Business Tools for Your Business to make money

Business Tools To Make Money

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In running a business there are so many things to consider. Everyone wants to make a profit or they wouldn't have chosen to go into the business field. There seem to be so many things to accomplish in such a short amount of time to help boost sales. You should be proficient at accomplishing your task on time and with quality work.

What I love about owning a business is they can have control over their everyday life in so many ways.

Business owners control:

  • The time they go to work, 
  • The amount of money they charge for their product or services.
  • The type of products or services they provide.
  • Who they trust to work with them.

In business, you need honest people around you to continue to learn and grow. Never think you know everything or you will stop progressing in our business. 

Tips to Continue to grow in business:

  • Continue to learn through conventions and trade shows.
  • Network with successful people
  • Be kind to your customers.
  • Watch out for what's new and upcoming within your target group. Don't be the last to know about the latest helpful gadgets.
Debit, credit cards
Accept debit and credit cards

  • Accept debit and credit cards; after all, most young people don't carry cash. 
  • Learn more about the different ways business apps may benefit your company.
  • Market your business with an easy-to-make website - Weebly
Weebly website
Weebly website


When running a business we need the right tools to accomplish our goals. No matter if you are running a Professional Service, a store, bakery, beauty, salon, or home repair you need to get paid. In today's society, there are not many people who carry cash around with them. 

No worries, when you Sign-up for Square, you will have a convenient way to accept credit card purchases. I use it for a certain business and I love it. It has a variety of benefits for me.

square, Money Transfer
Take payment from your customers

The Benefits Of Square

  • Money Transfer: Customers can make payments in person, online, by invoice, or prepay in the appointment book. 
  • Delivery Options: They obtain their products or services through pickups, shipments, or delivery.  
  • Safety: You don't have to leave the business with a lot of cash on hand.
  • Convenience: It makes it easier for clients that are in a hurry and don't have time to stop at the bank.
  • Invoices: You can Send invoices online with Square.

  • Gift Cards: You can sell gift cards. 
  • Touch-free: Payments can be made touch-free
  • Branding: You can market the business with branded receipts, and email campaigns.

Square - No Monthly Fee

I know some small businesses can't afford the monthly fees of credit card machines. No problem Sign-up for Square and try out some of their wonderful features. In my business, I only have to pay a reasonable percentage of what the person pays me when using Square. They take it right out of the customer's payment and send the rest to my bank account. I have been using it for years now and really love it.

You can accept credit card payments

You can even take credit card payments with their free square chip reader through your phone if your business is mobile. We all know there are various types of businesses. So, If you are in a storefront and want to set everything up to look like a store, they have various types of equipment for you. 

They even have a square register you can purchase to put in your office for a very professional look to your business. Doesn't it sound great? I'm sure glad I learned about them.

Square Register

Square has a lot of more features that I haven't tried yet; such as, appointments, sending invoices,  gift cards, and payroll. I'm definitely thinking about trying some of the other features.

You can use square for all types of businesses; such as,
  • Professional Services
  • Salons
  • Beauty
  • Home Repair
  • Food and Beverages
  • Bakery
  • Spa
Business tools to make money
  • Food truck
  • Restaurants
  • Transportation
  • Coffee shop
  • Health and fitness
  • A variety of other businesses

Square eCommerce 

  • Online-store: with the online store you have the option too let customers order online:

        🗹 and ship it to them

        🗹 offer local delivery, 

        🗹 offer curbside pickup

  • Online checkout
  • Integration
  • Risk manager

Video of the square online store.


Point of Sales (POS)

You can even pre-set prices in the register with the name of the item and the price to hit doing the checkout process. You can give refunds if needed, but make sure to list on the receipt, "No-return" for things that there are no returns. At least that's what I do. You can customize your receipt in your dashboard to look like you want it to look. 
Get ready to Set up Your Point of sales

Business Category (English) 300x250

 Tools To Help With Business


A company should have a branding strategy to help with the success of the company. Most businesses can benefit from having a website to brand, sell, advertise, and share their business contact information. Try Weebly - Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place. It can help your business to achieve its marketing goals; meanwhile, giving you a way to sell products.

Weebly - Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place.

Word of mouth is good, but you also need to be on the web for customers that are searching to find information about your service or product. Don't let the competition get the business because nobody on the web knows about you. Weebly is a great way to build a website. Weebly makes it simple for you to create a beautiful website with great features. Check out Weebly's features!

Looking for more information on them. Well, Compare Weebly Plans to see what's best for you.


Everyone desires to write in an effective way; whether it's through speaking or written communication. Look no further to find a great tool to enhance your business letters, emails, articles, and more. I honestly really love Grammarly.  Check out The World's Best Grammar Checker to help you edit your writing.

Grammarly Writing Support


Canva has so many great templates for your business to create awesome graphic designs; such as a business logo and a wonderful letter maker among a variety of other things. 
Give your letters just the right boost with an easy-to-use professional design. It will make a great impression on everyone. Make your business letters stand out from the others with Canva. You can even customize them with a logo, images, and icons from their library.

Amazon business account 

  • Price savings on millions of things for your business only - Quantity discount and easy comparison.
  • Purchasing Analytics
  • Tax-exempt purchasing for qualifying businesses
  • Business only products
Why you are making your money, be sure to prepare for retirement. Have an awesome day, making your money, and enjoying family and friends.

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